Photography is one of my main passions. Everything began with a DSLR camera for Christmas four years ago. After many pictures, projects and trips I still keep discovering new aspects of this art: 35 mm and 120 mm film, time-lapse and hyper-lapse, zines…


SDF de Paris

SDF de Paris is a project of interviewa with vagabonds in Paris. It all started with the frustration of not doing anything every time I saw vagabonds. I decided to publish their interviews with pictures, showing their life, career and aspirations. The project is currently abandoned due to a lack of motivation. I had a hard time talking to most vagabonds since most of them didn’t speak French, English or Spanish, and publishing only pictures of them was never the objective of the project.


Lapsing It

Lapsing It is an Instagram page dedicated uniquely ti time-lapsing and hyper-lapsing. These techniques require a lot of time and work but results are usually worth the effort. This project is abandoned too because besides the beauty of the images, there was no bigger interest. 


Average Rex

Average Rex was an attempt at creating a somehow funny page with my friend Konstantin. The best part was with no doubt the reaction of people when they would us taking pictures with the dinosaure costume.