Woodworking, electronics, DIY…here are some of my creations that I consider worthy of being published in this page. I have done some projects with arduinos, a drone, a camera slider…


After watching some videos on You Tube of people racing drones built by themselves, I decided to make my own one and learn how to fly it. So I went on and after learning how to solder and investing way too much money I managed to make something somewhat decent. In reality I have built two drones, as I crashed the first one in a park and never found it.



Ever since I took up photography, I’ve had a big interest around time-lapse photography. I discovered that by adding movement to the shots they could become more interesting so I decided to buil my own slider as the commercially available ones were too expensive. I wanted a motorized rail with a built-in intervalometer. I bought most of the parts on Makeblock, to keep the DIY-ing to a minimum. Although I managed to make it work, it was not practical at all, it was too big and clumsy and had to be reprogrammed to change the settings.